Introduction to JavaScript

Stages of a JavaScript Developer

  • Object Reference are everywhere: Most Useful operation involve passing references to very large objects like the DOM (Document Object Model) or an element on the page or a function. The Dom itself is a very large hierarchical collection of object and element reference that can be manipulated as easily as setting a property
  • You can Make your own Objects and namespace: Using some basic API and follow basic Object Oriented principle.
  • Object prototypes let you create OO classes: Once coders understand that they can create instances of objects and functions to build pseudo-classes, someone points out the prototype constructor to them and somewhere in the learners;s brains that light goes off. they begin building elaborate class-based APIs for every imaginable purpose but begin hitting roadblocks related to scope and maintaining object references between pieces of thrie program.
  • Closures are God:  At this Stage coders generally discover complex interconnected APIs. They may not, however fully understand the minefield that closures are. Memory leaks, difficult-to-follow scope chains, and spaghetti code are coexistent with a coder’s first attempts at closures.

Complementary Technologies

  1. Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)
  2. Cascading Style Sheets(CSS)
  3. The Browser Object Object Model (BOM)
  4. The Document Object Model (DOM)

When to Use JavaScript

THINGs You Can do

  • Dynamically draw boxes, images, and text on the page
  • Open and close windows
  • Animate on-screen contents
  • Modify the documents
  • Communicate with the server
  • Talk to Java, Flash , Silverlight objects
  • Snoop on the user; record what they do
  • Read the mouse/keyboard
  • Save data offline for later
  • Create free-form graphic element
  • Create accessible web pages

THINGs You can’t do 

  • Manipulate files on the file system
  • Talk directly to hardware
  • Read freely from memory
  • Perform general networking
  • interact with the desktop
  • Open windows that are too small
  • Set the value of FileUpload Fields
  • Provide access to rich media without the use of plugins

Text Editor Choice

  1. Atom
  2. Aptana
  3. Sublime
  4. Microsoft Visual Web Developer Express Edition
  5. NotePad++
  6. Textmate


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